Reducing the cost of 15—20%

Brand context monitoring

We will help prevent competitors and publishers from using context on your brand

Preventing the use of brand context

We will reduce the advertising budget

We will reduce the bids in the contextual advertising auction, blocking unscrupulous competitors

We will increase organic reach

We will increase the number of search traffic to your site by eliminating violations by publishers

We will get rid of overpayments

We will prevent payment for an already interested buyer

The publisher's ads displace your site from the first place

Protecting your brand in organic search results

Protecting your brand in organic search results

We prevent the use of your brand for fraudulent purposes

Why can't all violations be found manually?

The methods of experienced publishers-violators are constantly developing and improving

Automatic monitoring helps to identify violators

Helping to detect:

Publishers with redirects

via partner links to your website

Coupon sites, stores, aggregators

using your brand

Fraudulent sites

mimicking your brand


using your brand

Full evidence for each violation online

Detailed evidence base

We will provide full information in real time for each violation

Link click-through history

Ad at the time of detection

Full information about the publisher

Our customers all over the world

We collaborate with companies worldwide from various sectors: e-commerce, travel, finance, education

Adv.Cake is your guaranteed performance agency